Golden Touch Contracting LLC

We take this opportunity to introduce Golden Touch Contracting LLC. As a Civil & Engineering” contracting Company, incorporated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our Staff

Competent supports each project with a technical staff of highly trained construction professionals and a team of specialist in purchasing, scheduling cost engineering, risk management and safety.

Our Expertise

Competent performs preconstruction, construction management, general contracting, design/build and consulting services to meet clients' construction needs on all fronts. From the starting stages of every project, through development and construction phase, Competent works in partnership with clients under various contact types and delivery methods, including lump sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and negotiated procurement.

From Pre construction meetings with architects and clients to coordination with subcontractors, Competent works in partnership with the entire team to complete projects in time. Competent provides every project with highly trained technical and construction professionals. Competent has in house expertise of project estimation, purchasing, scheduling, cost engineering and risk management. From initial planning to project completion, our full time professionals work towards single goal - 100% customer satisfaction. Competent can also provide and engage outside services for surveys, architectural, structural, environmental services and other construction related services